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California PC 187: The Podcast

Bret, Cheryl & Dwee

The Podcast

187 is the Penal code in California for Homicide. In our podcast we focus primarily on the Southwestern areas of Los Angeles County known as The South Bay, Harbor Area and Gateway Cities. Being totally green to the podcastsphere, we are rough around the edges. We invite you to listen anyway and hear us grow and get better.


We give credit where credit is due. For every episode of the podcast there will be a list of the sources we used in our research and links to the sites, articles, documentaries, etc, where you can learn more on each case if you want to.

Helpful Links

Links to various local, state and national websites offering services for victims and their families, volunteer opportunities and other ways to get involved and help victims of violence.

The Pod Squad

Meet the team behind it all.

Cheryl, a.k.a. "Cher"

Shot Caller (lol)

Bret, a.k.a. "Buzzy," a.k.a. "Rude"

Co-host and Reformed Ex-convict

Dutch, a.k.a. "Dwee," a.k.a. "Jolly Gee"

Co-host, Bodyguard, Hairy Tube

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